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Residents of Chilbolton and Wherwell are invited to post comments which advertise OFFERS (of help or give-away goods), WANTEDS (help or articles or information) and THANK-YOUs.

Please give only a name and phone number for replies.

Any replies submitted as comments will be rejected.

Poster adverts (for events) should be submitted to the webmaster

Trade adverts should be posted in the Business Directory

All comments will expire after 3 weeks has elapsed.

To add an item to the top of this Notice Board, please scroll down to the bottom and use the "Add comment" link (underlined in blue). Please make sure your comment text includes your preferred method of receiving replies or enquiries.

This is a new venture for 2017, which your webmasters hope will be useful and productive.

Thank you.

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Multiyork Sofa


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